CERN Jobs Status

Open Reference number Dept Headline CVs received* Publication Longlist Pre-Screening Shortlist Hiring
EN-EL-ENP-2016-199-LD EN Electrical Engineer 76 HIRING
EN-EL-ENC-2017-8-LD EN Electrical Controls Engineer 59 HIRING
TE-MSC-SCD-2015-202-LD TE Electrical or Electro-mechanical Technical Engineer 86 PRE-SCREENING
TE-MSC-SCD-2017-58-LD TE Electrical or Electro-mechanical Technician 38 PRE-SCREENING
TE-MPE-PE-2017-46-LD TE Applied Physicist in the field of Accelerators 16 HIRING
EP-DT-DD-2017-52-LD EP Electromechanical Technician (Detector Development) / Technicien(ne) 35 HIRING
HSE-FB-2017-61-LD HSE Professional Firefighter Officer 66 HIRING
EP-CMX-DA-2017-71-LD EP Mechanical Engineer 174 HIRING
SMB-SE-CEB-2017-12-LD SMB Work Supervisor/Superviseur de travaux 105 HIRING
EN-ACE-COS-2017-77-LD EN Electrical Technician 89 HIRING
IR-ECO-2017-75-LD IR Science Writer 127 HIRING
BE-OP-LHC-2017-80-LD BE LHC Engineer-in-Charge 51 SHORTLIST
IT-DI-CSO-2017-82-LD IT Identity Federation Manager 25 HIRING
EN-ACE-2017-83-LD EN Software Development Engineer 192 HIRING
EP-AGS-SE-2017-85-LD EP Administrative Assistant/Assistant(e) administratif(ve) 271 HIRING
SMB-SE-CEB-2017-84-LD SMB Building and Infrastructure Project Manager 186 HIRING
EN-EL-ENP-2017-88-LD EN Electrical Engineer 204 HIRING
IPT-EU-2017-90-LD IPT EU Projects Officer 216 HIRING
TH-SP-2017-91-LD TH Theoretical Physicist 27 PUBLICATION
SMB-SE-DOP-2017-92-LD SMB Designer-draughtsperson (HVAC/sanitation) 71 HIRING
EP-AGS-2017-97-LD EP Financial Support Officer / Chargé(e) des finances 169 HIRING
HSE-RP-IL-2017-95-LD HSE Instrumentation and Control Systems Technician 65 SHORTLIST
BE-ICS-AS-2017-98-LD BE Electrical and Automation Technician 66 SHORTLIST
SMB-SE-PO-2017-101-LD SMB Civil Engineering and Building Project Engineer 189 HIRING
BE-RF-SRF-2017-94-LD BE Clean Room Specialist / Spécialiste en salle blanche RF 61 PUBLICATION
BE-RF-PM-2017-103-LD BE Electrical Technician (High Power Radio-Frequency Systems) 51 SHORTLIST
TE-EPC-HPC-2017-72-LD TE Power Electronics Technician / Technicien(ne) en électronique de puissance 50 PUBLICATION
EN-CV-PJ-2016-146-LD EN Cooling Engineer 61 SHORTLIST
IT-CDA-AD-2017-102-LD IT IT Service Manager 136 SHORTLIST
BE-CO-HT-2017-105-LD BE Design Engineer (Analogue electronics) 67 PUBLICATION
IPT-KT-MA-2017-106-LD IPT Knowledge Transfer Officer for Medical Technologies 59 PUBLICATION
RCS-SIS-OA-2017-108-LD RCS Full-Stack Software Engineer 99 PRE-SCREENING
EN-MME-FS-2017-3-LD EN Quality & Process Mechanical Engineer 80 PUBLICATION
BE-CO-IN-2017-109-LD BE Experienced Hardware Infrastructure Technician 25 PUBLICATION
SMB-SE-DOP-2017-107-LD SMB Civil-engineering/Architectural designer-draughtsperson 245 PUBLICATION
BE-CO-IN-2017-59-LD BE Computing Infrastructure Engineer 67 SHORTLIST
HR-TA-R-2017-48-LD HR Recruitment and Sourcing Specialist 61 SHORTLIST
EN-MME-MM-2017-111-LD EN Materials Engineer 206 PUBLICATION
BE-RF-2017-113-LD BE Mechanical Engineer 171 PUBLICATION
BE-RF-SRF-2017-112-LD BE Radio Frequency Engineer 49 PUBLICATION
BE-ABP-HSC-2017-130-LD BE Accelerator Physicist 17 PUBLICATION
IT-CS-DO-2017-117-LD IT Network and Telecom Deployment Technician 103 PUBLICATION
EP-CMX-DA-2017-116-LD EP Applied Physicist 21 PUBLICATION
EN-EL-ENC-2017-9-LD EN Electrical Controls Technician 34 PUBLICATION
EP-DI-2017-13-LD EP Experimental Physicist 5 PUBLICATION
RCS-SIS-2017-159-LD RCS Repository Librarian 24 PUBLICATION
EP-LBC-2017-160-LD EP Firmware Engineer (Data Acquisition) 11 PUBLICATION
EN-STI-LP-2017-41-LD EN Laser Physicist for Particle Beam Production 11 PUBLICATION
EP-SFT-2017-162-LD EP Scientific Software Developer (ROOT) 13 PUBLICATION
EN-EA-CT-2016-172-LD EN Technician (Mechanical) / Technicien(ne) (Mécanique) 37 PUBLICATION
BE-RF-FB-2017-93-LD BE Electronics Technical Engineer (Design and Operation) 5 PUBLICATION
HSE-SEE-XP-2017-165-LD HSE Civil and Structural Engineer 27 PUBLICATION
EP-DT-FS-2017-164-LD EP Applied Physicist Detector Gas Systems 5 PUBLICATION