CERN Jobs Status

Open Reference number Dept Headline CVs received* Publication Longlist Pre-Screening Shortlist Hiring
TE-MSC-SCD-2014-244-LD TE Electrical or Electro-mechanical Technician 131 PRE-SCREENING
TE-MSC-SCD-2015-202-LD TE Electrical or Electro-mechanical Technical Engineer 50 PRE-SCREENING
HR-TA-R-2015-183-LD HR Recruitment and Sourcing Specialist 110 PRE-SCREENING
DG-DG-2015-205-LD DG Executive Assistant (Directorate level) 351 HIRING
FP-PI-RC-2015-206-LD FP Procurement Specialist - European Union funded projects 200 HIRING
BE-RF-CS-2015-211-LD BE Technical Engineer (Software) - Ingénieur-technicien (logiciels) 129 HIRING
TE-CRG-OA-2015-213-LD TE Process Operator in Cryogenics / Opérateur des installations cryogéniques 222 SHORTLIST
GS-FB-2015-214-LD GS Professional Firefighter Officer / Officier sapeur-pompier professionnel 87 SHORTLIST
BE-ABP-HSC-2015-215-LD BE Accelerator Physicist or Engineer (Collective Effects) 31 HIRING
DG-2015-135-LD DG Head of Education, Communications and Outreach 398 LONGLIST
FP-FAS-GPA-2015-217-LD FP Assistant Accountant/Assistant(e) comptable 152 HIRING
EN-STI-TCD-2015-218-LD EN Mechanical Engineer 221 PRE-SCREENING
TE-CRG-ML-2015-219-LD TE Maintenance Engineer 187 PRE-SCREENING
EN-CV-DOW-2015-222-LD EN Work Supervisor / Superviseur de travaux 85 PRE-SCREENING
GS-IS-SIS-2015-220-LD GS Transportation Manager / Responsable des transports 104 PRE-SCREENING
GS-SE-DOP-2015-221-LD GS Geomatics Engineer / Ingénieur(e) Géomaticien(ne) 147 PRE-SCREENING
EN-HE-LM-2015-224-LD EN Lift Technician / Technicien(ne) Ascenseurs 32 LONGLIST
EN-MEF-SU-2015-223-LD EN Survey Technician / Technicien(ne) géomètre 109 PRE-SCREENING
GS-SIS-2015-225-LD GS DevOps Engineer (Scientific Information Services) 147 PUBLICATION
DGS-SEE-ST-2015-228-LD DGS Safety Training Administrative Assistant 125 PRE-SCREENING
PH-ADO-PO-2015-227-LD PH Mechanical Engineer 398 PRE-SCREENING
PH-DT-2015-226-LD PH Applied Physicist for e+e detector development 42 PRE-SCREENING
EN-CV-OP-2015-207-LD EN Operations Engineer - Cooling and Ventilation 195 LONGLIST
BE-BI-PI-2015-210-LD BE Electronics Technical Engineer/Ingénieur(e)-technicien(ne) en électronique 229 PUBLICATION
BE-ICS-SDS-2016-1-LD BE Software Development Engineer (SCADA) 96 LONGLIST
EN-EA-LE-2016-2-LD EN Beam Physicist 52 PUBLICATION
EP-ADE-2016-4-LD EP Applied physicist 25 PUBLICATION
EP-CMO-2016-5-LD EP Education and Outreach Officer 71 PUBLICATION
HSE-RP-2016-6-LD HSE Radiation Protection Technical Engineer 48 PUBLICATION
EN-CV-CL-2016-10-LD EN Process Control Engineer 80 PUBLICATION
IR-ECO-2016-9-LD IR Website Manager 91 PUBLICATION
BE-ICS-PCS-2016-11-LD BE Controls & Automation Engineer 98 PUBLICATION
BE-ICS-SDS-2016-3-LD BE Technical Software Engineer (SCADA / C++) / Ingénieur(e)-technicien(ne) logiciel 39 PUBLICATION
BE-OP-TI-2016-13-LD BE Control Room Operator / Opérateur(trice) de salle de contrôle 116 PUBLICATION
BE-RF-FB-2016-12-LD BE Fast Digital and RF Electronics Designer 42 PUBLICATION
HSE-RP-2016-7-LD HSE Radiation Protection Technician/Technicien en Radioprotection 39 PUBLICATION
EP-ADT-DQ-2016-14-LD EP DAQ Specialist/Engineer 28 PUBLICATION
EN-EL-OP-2016-15-LD EN Electrical Operation Engineer 45 PUBLICATION
EP-DI-2016-16-LD EP Experimental Physicist 4 PUBLICATION
HSE-FB-2016-17-LD HSE Professional Firefighter Officer 14 PUBLICATION
HSE-FB-SCR-2016-18-LD HSE Firefighter - Dispatcher / Pompier - Opérateur 14 PUBLICATION
EN-EL-2016-21-LD EN Planning, Resource and Project Engineer 13 PUBLICATION