CERN Jobs Status

Open Reference number Dept Headline CVs received* Publication Longlist Pre-Screening Shortlist Hiring
PH-TH-2014-7-LD PH Theoretical Physicist 92 SHORTLIST
TE-MSC-TF-2014-59-LD TE Electrical Technician 139 PRE-SCREENING
BE-BI-BL-2014-192-LD BE Applied Physicist or Engineer 116 HIRING
DGS-SEE-2014-69-LD DGS Mechanical Engineer for Safety 163 HIRING
TE-CRG-OA-2014-205-LD TE Process Operator in Cryogenics / Opérateur des installations cryogéniques 157 SHORTLIST
TE-EPC-CCE-2014-206-LD TE Electronics Project Leader and Engineer 98 HIRING
HR-TA-FA-2014-204-LD HR Administrative Assistant / Assistant(e) administratif(-ve) 639 HIRING
BE-RF-LRF-2014-208-LD BE Electronics Technician / Technicien(ne) en électronique 116 HIRING
BE-ABP-HSS-2014-211-LD BE Accelerator Physicist or Engineer (Collimation) 36 HIRING
BE-ABP-HSC-2014-210-LD BE Accelerator Physicist or Engineer (Collective Effects) 27 HIRING
BE-BI-PI-2014-187-LD BE Electronics Technician 188 PRE-SCREENING
EN-CV-DC-2014-216-LD EN Technical Engineer (cooling and ventilation) 99 PRE-SCREENING
EN-CV-DC-2014-217-LD EN Hydraulic Maintenance Technician / Technicien(-ne) de maintenance hydraulique 71 PRE-SCREENING
EN-ICE-SCD-2014-219-LD EN Software Engineer 102 SHORTLIST
BE-ASR-AS-2014-221-LD BE Administrative Assistant 221 HIRING
PH-CMX-DS-2014-222-LD PH Mechanical designer/draftsman 141 PRE-SCREENING
DG-2014-177-LD DG Chief Executive Officer of the CERN Pension Fund 181 HIRING
PH-SME-IS-2014-224-LD PH ISOLDE Physics Coordinator 17 LONGLIST
GS-SE-DOP-2014-223-LD GS Civil Engineering Design Office Technician - Technicien BE Génie Civil 69 PRE-SCREENING
PH-AIP-SDS-2014-226-LD PH Applied Physicist or Engineer(Computing) 73 HIRING
EN-CV-PJ-2014-228-LD EN Engineer for Ventilation Plants 67 HIRING
EN-MME-MA-2014-202-LD EN Mechanical Engineer 241 LONGLIST
FP-DI-TC-2014-230-LD FP Administrative Assistant (Finance) 179 HIRING
IT-DSS-DT-2014-225-LD IT Software developer/programmer 112 HIRING
GS-SE-CEB-2014-232-LD GS Site Supervisor - Conducteur de travaux génie civil 125 SHORTLIST
TE-VSC-2014-227-LD TE Electro-mechanical technician (vacuum systems) 54 HIRING
EN-CV-PJ-2014-235-LD EN Engineer for Cooling Plants 59 SHORTLIST
EN-EL-CF-2014-233-LD EN Fiber Optic Technician - Technicien(ne) fibre optique 42 LONGLIST
EN-EL-OP-2014-234-LD EN Electrotechnician 57 LONGLIST
PH-CMD-2014-236-LD PH Applied Physicist/Engineer (Data Acquisition) 67 SHORTLIST
DG-EDU-PE-2014-238-LD DG Administrative Assistant / Assistant(e) administratif(ive) 274 SHORTLIST
FP-PI-2014-240-LD FP Procurement Officer 116 HIRING
EN-MME-MM-2014-237-LD EN Materials Laboratory Technician 109 PRE-SCREENING
TE-ABT-EC-2014-239-LD TE Electronics Technical Engineer / Ingénieur(e)-technicien(ne) (électronique) 74 PRE-SCREENING
EN-STI-ECE-2014-229-LD EN Electronics Engineer (radiation tests) 57 HIRING
PH-SME-CO-2014-242-LD PH Electromechanical Technician / Technicien(ne) en électromécanique 61 PRE-SCREENING
TE-ABT-EC-2014-241-LD TE Electrotechnician - Electrotechnicien(ne) 119 LONGLIST
TE-MSC-MM-2014-243-LD TE Electrical Engineer or Applied Physicist 79 LONGLIST
TE-MSC-SCD-2014-244-LD TE Electrical or Electro-mechanical Technician 68 LONGLIST
PH-TH-2014-231-LD PH Theoretical Physicist 13 PUBLICATION
TE-MSC-SCD-2015-5-LD TE Applied Physicist or Electrical Engineer 36 LONGLIST
TE-VSC-BVO-2015-1-LD TE Engineer or Applied Physicist 81 HIRING
IT-DI-CSO-2014-199-LD IT Systems Administrator 105 SHORTLIST
GS-DI-2015-3-LD GS Construction Project Coordinator (SCMC) / Pilote OPC 180 LONGLIST
GS-DI-2015-4-LD GS Building and Infrastructure Project Manager 151 LONGLIST
TE-CRG-ME-2015-7-LD TE Mechanical Technician / Technicien(ne) en mécanique 83 LONGLIST
IT-CF-SAO-2014-200-LD IT Systems Administrator 303 LONGLIST
GS-AIS-2015-6-LD GS JAVA/SQL Developer 139 LONGLIST
PH-SFT-2015-12-LD PH Software developer/programmer of detector simulation software 32 PUBLICATION
EN-MEF-SU-2015-8-LD EN Survey Technician / Technicien Géomètre 75 PUBLICATION
IT-CF-FPP-2015-10-LD IT Computer Hardware Engineer 52 PUBLICATION
IT-CF-FPP-2015-11-LD IT Systems Performance Engineer 37 PUBLICATION
EN-MME-EDM-2015-9-LD EN Designer-Draughtsman (Mechanical) / Dessinateur(trice)-projeteur(euse) 87 PUBLICATION
FP-DI-TPS-2015-14-LD FP IT Technician / Technicien(ne) IT 103 PUBLICATION
PH-ADE-ID-2015-13-LD PH Applied Physicist 26 PUBLICATION
BE-RF-SRF-2015-16-LD BE Radio Frequency Engineer / Applied Physicist 24 PUBLICATION
PH-AIO-2015-15-LD PH Mechanical Designer / Concepteur(trice) Mécanique 83 PUBLICATION
IT-CIS-DLT-2015-18-LD IT Software developer / Programmer 57 PUBLICATION
PH-DI-2015-20-LD PH Experimental Physicist 15 PUBLICATION
TE-CRG-ME-2015-17-LD TE Mechanical Engineer 76 PUBLICATION
TE-EPC-FPC-2015-19-LD TE Power Electronics Engineer 47 PUBLICATION
GS-FB-2015-27-LD GS Professional Firefighter / Sapeur-Pompier Professionnel 32 PUBLICATION
EN-EL-BT-2015-25-LD EN Electrical Technical Engineer 8 PUBLICATION
EN-EL-BT-2015-29-LD EN Electrical Technician 8 PUBLICATION
EN-EL-BT-2015-30-LD EN Electrician 12 PUBLICATION
FP-PI-RC-2015-24-LD FP Administrative Assistant/Assistant (e) administratif/ve 59 PUBLICATION
PH-DI-2015-23-LD PH Scientist in the field of medical applications 10 PUBLICATION
TE-EPC-CCS-2015-32-LD TE Software Engineer 22 PUBLICATION
BE-CO-DS-2015-34-LD BE Database Software Engineer 11 PUBLICATION
FP-KT-LS-2015-26-LD FP Medical Applications Officer 5 PUBLICATION
TE-HDO-AGS-2015-33-LD TE Administrative Assistant 39 PUBLICATION
TE-VSC-SCC-2015-31-LD TE Technical Engineer (Thin-film coatings) 12 PUBLICATION