CERN Jobs Status

Open Reference number Dept Headline CVs received* Publication Longlist Pre-Screening Shortlist Hiring
PH-TH-2013-8-LD PH Theoretical physicist 64 PRE-SCREENING
TE-MSC-SCD-2013-176-LD TE Applied Physicist or Engineer 110 HIRING
BE-BI-SW-2013-178-LD BE Computer Scientist or Applied Physicist (Software) 234 HIRING
BE-BI-PM-2013-179-LD BE Electronics Engineer 148 HIRING
TE-EPC-MPC-2013-182-LD TE Power Electronics Engineer 80 HIRING
IT-PES-PS-2013-185-LD IT Computer Service Manager 117 HIRING
BE-RF-IS-2013-187-LD BE Electronics Technician 79 SHORTLIST
BE-RF-IS-2013-188-LD BE Electro-Mechanical Technician 78 SHORTLIST
BE-RF-SRF-2013-189-LD BE Clean Room Technician 89 PRE-SCREENING
BE-OP-TI-2014-1-LD BE Control Room Operator / Technicien(ne) (Opérations) 177 HIRING
TE-MSC-2014-2-LD TE Materials Science Engineer 168 PRE-SCREENING
BE-BI-QP-2014-3-LD BE Electronics Engineer 136 HIRING
BE-BI-QP-2014-4-LD BE Electronics Technical Engineer 116 HIRING
PH-TH-2014-7-LD PH Theoretical Physicist 28 PUBLICATION
PF-AAR-2014-9-LD PF Applied IT specialist 54 SHORTLIST
PF-GMS-2014-8-LD PF Administrative Assistant 117 HIRING
PH-LBC-2014-11-LD PH Applied Physicist 18 HIRING
DGS-SEE-2014-14-LD DGS Mechanical safety engineer 100 PRE-SCREENING
GS-SE-CEP-2014-13-LD GS Civil Engineer/Architect Project Manager 151 HIRING
PF-MO-2014-12-LD PF Administrative Assistant (Finance)/Assistant(e) administratif(ve) (Finance) 125 HIRING
PH-DI-2014-16-LD PH Experimental Physicist 37 LONGLIST
IT-OIS-2014-10-LD IT Web Services Manager 95 HIRING
PF-BA-2014-17-LD PF Administrative Assistant/Assistant(e) administratif(-ve) 195 HIRING
EN-EL-2014-18-LD EN Electrical Engineer 110 HIRING
PF-BA-2014-22-LD PF Bookkeeper 89 SHORTLIST
BE-OP-PS-2014-19-LD-C BE PS Accelerator Operation Technician 82 PRE-SCREENING
BE-OP-PS-2014-19-LD-D BE PS Accelerator operation Technical Engineer 106 PRE-SCREENING
BE-OP-SPS-2014-20-LD BE SPS Accelerator operation technician 107 PRE-SCREENING
IT-OIS-2014-24-LD IT Cloud Infrastructure Engineer 109 SHORTLIST
DGS-SEE-2014-25-LD DGS Health and Safety Engineer 103 SHORTLIST
FP-DI-TPS-2014-28-LD FP Administrative Assistant 94 SHORTLIST
HR-2014-23-LD HR Legal Advisor 115 LONGLIST
TE-EPC-LPC-2014-29-LD TE Electronics / Electrical Technician 109 PRE-SCREENING
GS-FB-2014-30-LD GS Firefighter / Pompier 323 PRE-SCREENING
TE-CRG-2013-177-LD TE Process Operator 190 HIRING
PH-AGS-UO-2014-15-LD PH Administrative Assistant 189 PRE-SCREENING
TE-VSC-ICM-2014-33-LD TE SCADA and Data-Base Engineer 47 PRE-SCREENING
TE-VSC-ICM-2014-34-LD TE Controls and Automation Engineer 85 PRE-SCREENING
TE-CRG-OD-2014-32-LD TE Engineer or Applied Physicist (Cryogenic Operation) 76 PRE-SCREENING
PH-AGS-SE-2014-26-LD PH Administrative Assistant 224 PRE-SCREENING
EN-ICE-PLC-2014-36-LD EN Technician (Automation)/Technicien(ne) en automatismes 69 LONGLIST
PH-ADT-DQ-2014-35-LD PH Network engineer 68 LONGLIST
BE-CO-HT-2014-37-LD-D BE Technical Engineer (Computing)/Ingénieur(e)-technicien(ne) (informatique) 45 PRE-SCREENING
BE-CO-HT-2014-37-LD-E BE Engineer (Computing) 90 PRE-SCREENING
DG-RH-2014-38-LD DG Assistant(e) administratif (-ve) 233 PRE-SCREENING
DG-LS-2014-39-LD DG Administrative assistant 231 LONGLIST
IT-DSS-FDO-2014-40-LD IT Storage Administrator 88 LONGLIST
BE-RF-MK-2014-41-LD BE High Power Radio-Frequency Technician / Technicien Radiofrequences 48 LONGLIST
TE-EPC-HPC-2013-52-LD TE Technician (Electronics/Electrical) 194 PRE-SCREENING
GS-SIS-OA-2014-44-LD GS Scientific Information Project Manager 51 PUBLICATION
PH-LBO-DO-2014-43-LD PH Applied Physicist 27 PUBLICATION
GS-AIS-FP-2014-47-LD GS Computing Engineer (ERP specialist) 20 PUBLICATION
EN-CV-MA-2014-49-LD EN Maintenance Technician / Technicien(ne) de maintenance 39 PUBLICATION
IT-DI-SM-2014-48-LD IT Software Engineer in the field of Service Management 34 PUBLICATION
EN-CV-MA-2014-50-LD EN Maintenance Technical-Engineer 24 PUBLICATION