CERN Jobs Status

Open Reference number Dept Headline CVs received* Publication Longlist Pre-Screening Shortlist Hiring
TE-MSC-SCD-2014-244-LD TE Electrical or Electro-mechanical Technician 131 HIRING
TE-MSC-SCD-2015-202-LD TE Electrical or Electro-mechanical Technical Engineer 50 HIRING
TE-CRG-OA-2015-213-LD TE Process Operator in Cryogenics / Opérateur des installations cryogéniques 222 HIRING
DG-2015-135-LD DG Head of Education, Communications and Outreach 398 HIRING
GS-IS-SIS-2015-220-LD GS Transportation Manager / Responsable des transports 104 HIRING
PH-ADO-PO-2015-227-LD PH Mechanical Engineer 398 HIRING
EP-ADE-2016-4-LD EP Applied physicist 38 HIRING
EP-CMO-2016-5-LD EP Education and Outreach Officer 83 HIRING
HSE-RP-2016-6-LD HSE Radiation Protection Technical Engineer 80 HIRING
BE-ICS-PCS-2016-11-LD BE Controls & Automation Engineer 137 HIRING
HSE-RP-2016-7-LD HSE Radiation Protection Technician/Technicien en Radioprotection 67 HIRING
EP-DI-2016-16-LD EP Experimental Physicist 59 HIRING
HSE-FB-2016-17-LD HSE Professional Firefighter Officer 122 HIRING
EN-EL-2016-21-LD EN Planning, Resource and Project Engineer 186 HIRING
EN-ACE-AMM-2016-22-LD EN Java and Database Software Engineer 172 HIRING
BE-RF-LRF-2016-23-LD BE Electronics Technician (Radio Frequency) / Technicien(ne) en électronique 135 SHORTLIST
EP-ESE-ME-2016-19-LD EP Electronics Engineer 54 HIRING
TE-ABT-FPS-2016-24-LD TE Technician in Mechanics and Hydraulics / Technicien(ne) mécanique et hydraulique 116 HIRING
HR-TA-SA-2016-26-LD HR Administrative Assistant/Assistant(e) administratif(-ve) 198 HIRING
HR-SA-2016-20-LD HR Administrative Assistant / Assistant(e) administratif(-ve) 146 SHORTLIST
BE-OP-PS-2016-25-LD BE Accelerator Operator / Opérateur(trice) d’accélérateur 184 HIRING
IPT-KT-IP-2016-28-LD IPT Knowledge Transfer Officer 162 LONGLIST
TE-MPE-EE-2016-29-LD TE Power Electronics Engineer 67 HIRING
EP-LBC-2016-30-LD EP Software Developer/Programmer 73 PRE-SCREENING
EP-AGS-SE-2016-31-LD EP Administrative Assistant/Assistant(e) Administratif(ve) 311 SHORTLIST
TE-CRG-CI-2016-32-LD TE Senior Mechanical Technician / Technicien(ne) en mécanique expérimenté(e) 112 PRE-SCREENING
EN-ACE-EDM-2016-35-LD EN Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Support Engineer / Ingénieur(e) (PLM) 94 LONGLIST
HR-FL-2016-36-LD HR Human Resources Advisor 230 PRE-SCREENING
BE-RF-SRF-2016-38-LD BE Mechanical Technician/Technicien(ne) mécanique 81 LONGLIST
EN-STI-RBS-2016-47-LD EN Target and Ion Source Physicist 48 PRE-SCREENING
TE-EPC-HPM-2016-39-LD TE Electronics Engineer 70 PRE-SCREENING
TE-ABT-EC-2016-40-LD TE Electronics Technical Engineer 50 PRE-SCREENING
TE-EPC-OMS-2016-42-LD TE Electronics Test Technical Engineer 71 PRE-SCREENING
IR-ECO-DVS-2016-37-LD IR Graphic Designer / Concepteur(trice) graphique 288 PRE-SCREENING
TE-EPC-HPC-2016-45-LD TE Power Electronics Engineer 73 PRE-SCREENING
TE-MPE-EP-2016-43-LD TE Electronics Engineer 41 PUBLICATION
TE-MPE-EP-2016-44-LD TE Electronics Engineer / Hardware 34 PUBLICATION
SMB-SC-LS-2016-48-LD SMB Storage and Waste Manager / Gestionnaire stockage et déchets 98 PUBLICATION
EP-AIO-2016-50-LD EP Software Developer 61 PUBLICATION
TE-MSC-MDT-2016-41-LD TE Electro-mechanical Technical Engineer / Ingénieur(e)-technicien(ne) en mécanique 92 PUBLICATION
EP-AGS-UO-2016-49-LD EP Administrative Assistant 184 PUBLICATION
EP-AIO-2016-51-LD EP Mechanical engineer 217 PUBLICATION
FAP-AIS-EB-2016-52-LD FAP Experienced Web Developer 38 PUBLICATION
TE-EPC-CCE-2016-46-LD TE Digital & Programmable Logic Electronics Engineer 42 PUBLICATION
FAP-ACC-AP-2016-54-LD FAP Accounting Assistant / Aide-comptable 121 PUBLICATION
EP-ADP-2016-58-LD EP Applied Physicist / Software Engineer (Core software) 9 PUBLICATION
TE-MSC-SCD-2016-55-LD TE Applied Physicist / Scientist on Advanced Superconductors 18 PUBLICATION
EP-DT-EF-2016-57-LD EP Mechanical Technician / Technicien(ne) (mécanique) 34 PUBLICATION
EP-DT-TP-2016-59-LD EP Applied Physicist 8 PUBLICATION
IR-ECO-2016-60-LD IR Scientific Writer 16 PUBLICATION