CERN Jobs Status

Open Reference number Dept Headline CVs received* Publication Longlist Pre-Screening Shortlist Hiring
HSE-RP-2016-7-LD HSE Radiation Protection Technician/Technicien en Radioprotection 67 HIRING
TE-MSC-SCD-2016-55-LD TE Applied Physicist / Scientist on Advanced Superconductors 55 HIRING
TE-CRG-ME-2016-64-LD TE Mechanical Technician / Technicien(ne) (mécanique) 67 HIRING
EP-ADO-2016-65-LD EP Experimental Area Manager (Mechanical Engineering) 156 SHORTLIST
EP-LBO-DO-2016-70-LD EP Mechanical Engineer 213 HIRING
EP-ADO-PO-2016-66-LD EP Planning, Resource and Project Engineer 200 SHORTLIST
TE-EPC-LPC-2016-73-LD TE Power Electronics engineer 84 HIRING
TE-CRG-OA-2016-69-LD TE Process Operator in Cryogenics / Opérateur des installations cryogéniques 125 HIRING
FAP-AIS-EB-2016-52-LD FAP Experienced Web Developer 128 HIRING
EP-ESE-BE-2016-68-LD EP Electronics Engineer 72 HIRING
HSE-RP-2016-80-LD HSE Radiation protection and radioactive waste technical Specialist 50 PRE-SCREENING
EP-DI-SO-2016-81-LD EP Project Engineer 183 HIRING
BE-ABP-HSS-2016-85-LD BE Accelerator physicist 34 PRE-SCREENING
EN-STI-TCD-2016-84-LD EN Mechanical Technician/Technicien(ne) en mécanique 103 HIRING
IT-CF-SAO-2016-88-LD IT Junior Systems Administrator / Administrateur-trice systèmes débutant(e) 126 SHORTLIST
EP-DI-2016-16-LD EP Experimental Physicist 93 HIRING
SMB-SE-DOP-2016-86-LD SMB Civil-engineering/Architectural designer-draughtsman 83 SHORTLIST
TE-VSC-SCC-2016-91-LD TE Surface Finishing Technician /Technicien(ne) de traitement de surface 33 HIRING
EP-ADO-PO-2016-90-LD EP Electro-mechanical Technician / Technicien(ne) en électromécanique 94 LONGLIST
EP-SME-2016-101-LD EP Leader of the ISOLDE Physics Group 9 PRE-SCREENING
BE-CO-IN-2016-109-LD BE Computing Infrastructure Technician/Technicien en Infrastructure Informatique 58 SHORTLIST
EP-ADT-TR-2016-108-LD EP Applied Physicist 34 SHORTLIST
EP-AID-DT-2016-117-LD EP Applied physicist 44 SHORTLIST
IT-DB-IMS-2016-137-LD IT System and Web Service Engineer 105 SHORTLIST
EN-MME-FW-2016-139-LD EN Sheet Metal Worker and Welder 49 SHORTLIST
RCS-SIS-OA-2016-138-LD RCS Community Engagement & Product Manager 60 HIRING
TE-MSC-SCD-2014-244-LD TE Electrical or Electro-mechanical Technician 180 LONGLIST
TE-MSC-SCD-2015-202-LD TE Electrical or Electro-mechanical Technical Engineer 80 LONGLIST
EP-CMD-2016-140-LD EP Applied Physicist or Computer Engineer 36 HIRING
BE-OP-PS-2016-25-LD BE Accelerator Operator/Opérateur(trice) d'accélérateur 353 HIRING
TH-2016-141-LD TH Theoretical Physicist 24 HIRING
TE-ABT-EC-2016-40-LD TE Graduate Electronics Engineer (Embedded and real-time Software) 194 HIRING
EP-AGS-SE-2016-142-LD EP Administrative Assistant/Assistant(e) Administratif(-ve) 369 SHORTLIST
EP-CMX-2016-143-LD EP Mechanical Technician/Technicien(ne) en mécanique 108 HIRING
IT-ST-TAB-2016-145-LD IT Computing Engineer (Storage Developer / Engineer) 83 HIRING
EN-ACE-EDM-2016-144-LD EN Java and Database Software Engineer 155 SHORTLIST
EN-CV-PJ-2016-146-LD EN Cooling Engineer 68 HIRING
RCS-PRJ-DI-2016-147-LD RCS Technical Coordinator Neutrino Test Facility 26 HIRING
BE-ASR-2016-148-LD BE Administrative Assistant 336 SHORTLIST
EN-EL-FC-2016-150-LD EN Cabling engineer 52 PRE-SCREENING
EN-STI-2016-149-LD EN Radiation Effects Physicist/Engineer 37 PUBLICATION
EP-AID-DA-2016-151-LD EP Software developer 113 PRE-SCREENING
BE-ICS-AS-2016-152-LD BE Electrical technician (Fire Detection and Protection Systems) 114 PUBLICATION
BE-ICS-AS-2016-153-LD BE Electrical Engineer (Fire Detection and Protection Systems) 55 PUBLICATION
IPT-PI-2016-154-LD IPT Procurement Officer 126 PRE-SCREENING
BE-RF-CS-2016-155-LD BE Software Development Technical Engineer / Ingénieur(e)-technicien(ne) 85 PUBLICATION
EN-EL-FC-2016-156-LD EN Fiber Optics Engineer 27 PUBLICATION
FAP-ACC-GA-2016-157-LD FAP Experienced General Accountant 118 PUBLICATION
EP-NU-2016-158-LD EP Applied Physicist in Particle Detectors 9 PUBLICATION
EP-CMO-2016-161-LD EP Education & Outreach Support Officer 46 PUBLICATION
EP-CMX-SCI-2016-159-LD EP Engineer (Field Supervision) 28 PUBLICATION
EN-CV-PJ-2016-160-LD EN Ventilation Engineer 20 PUBLICATION
EN-CV-CL-2016-162-LD EN Process Control Engineer 16 PUBLICATION
TE-CRG-CE-2016-165-LD TE Electro Mechanical Engineer (Automation) 34 PUBLICATION
TE-MPE-EE-2016-164-LD TE Electrical Engineer 13 PUBLICATION
BE-OP-LHC-2016-167-LD BE LHC Engineer-in-Charge 3 PUBLICATION
TE-CRG-ME-2016-166-LD TE Project Engineer (Thermo / Hydraulic & Mechanical design) 18 PUBLICATION
ATS-DO-2016-168-LD ATS Experienced Administrative Assistant 2 PUBLICATION
EN-EA-CT-2016-172-LD EN Technician (Mechanical) 2 PUBLICATION
EP-SFT-2016-171-LD EP Electromagnetic Particle Transport Simulation Developer 1 PUBLICATION