CERN Jobs Status

Open Reference number Dept Headline CVs received* Publication Longlist Pre-Screening Shortlist Hiring
EN-MME-MM-2017-111-LD EN Materials Engineer 323 HIRING
BE-RF-2017-113-LD BE Mechanical Engineer 294 HIRING
TE-VSC-SCC-2017-173-LD TE Chemist in Material Analysis 158 HIRING
HSE-DI-ST-2017-180-LD HSE Training Specialist 99 HIRING
EN-EL-FC-2017-186-LD EN Electrical and Cabling Engineer 127 HIRING
HSE-ME-2017-187-LD HSE Doctor in Occupational Medicine 33 HIRING
TE-VSC-SCC-2017-170-LD TE Applied Physicist for Surface Analysis 91 HIRING
BE-RF-BR-2017-183-LD BE Accelerator Physicist for Radio Frequency Operation and Beam Studies 34 HIRING
EN-STI-ECE-2017-189-LD EN Software Engineer (Industrial Controls) 133 SHORTLIST
TE-MSC-SCD-2017-191-LD TE Applied Physicist or Scientist on advanced Superconductors 35 SHORTLIST
BE-RF-SRF-2017-112-LD BE Radio Frequency Engineer 26 HIRING
EN-EL-DDO-2017-197-LD EN Electrical Design Team Leader 62 HIRING
DG-LS-OO-2017-198-LD DG Legal Adviser 175 HIRING
EN-CV-2017-199-LD EN Administrative and Financial Assistant 262 HIRING
EN-MME-2017-200-LD EN Design and Method Engineer 196 HIRING
EN-ACE-INT-2017-201-LD EN Designer and Support Technician/Concepteur(-trice) et technicien(ne) en appui 100 HIRING
SMB-SIS-2017-202-LD SMB Head of Soft Facilities Services 88 SHORTLIST
BE-BI-ML-2017-205-LD BE Mechanical or Electro-Mechanical Technician 94 SHORTLIST
TE-MSC-SCD-2017-204-LD TE Electrical or Electro-mechanical Technician 58 PRE-SCREENING
EP-LBC-2017-203-LD EP Network Performance Specialist 19 SHORTLIST
EP-CMX-SCI-2017-206-LD EP Project and Operations Technical Engineer 124 HIRING
EN-CV-MA-2017-207-LD EN Electrical and Instrumentation Technician (C&V) 93 HIRING
EN-EL-FC-2017-208-LD EN Fibre Optics Engineer 55 PUBLICATION
HSE-RP-AS-2017-210-LD HSE Radiation Protection Physicist 48 HIRING
HSE-DI-2017-209-LD HSE Head of Occupational Health and Safety 142 HIRING
FAP-ACC-AP-2017-211-LD FAP Accounting assistant / Assistant(e) comptable - Comptabilité des Fournisseurs 321 HIRING
TE-EPC-LPC-2017-212-LD TE Electrical Power Technician / Technicien(ne) en électricité 71 HIRING
ATS-DO-2017-213-LD ATS Project Control Analyst 5 PUBLICATION
TE-CRG-OP-2017-190-LD TE Operation and Process Engineer 208 PRE-SCREENING
EN-STI-RBS-2017-216-LD EN Laboratory technician for the CERN-MEDICIS Facility 54 PUBLICATION
BE-BI-SW-2017-215-LD BE Software Engineer 137 PUBLICATION
IR-ECO-TSP-2017-214-LD IR Teacher Programmes Manager 48 PRE-SCREENING
EN-CV-CL-2017-218-LD EN Control Systems Engineer (Cooling and ventilation plants) 103 PUBLICATION
EN-CV-LHC-2017-217-LD EN Electromechanical Technician (Cooling and Ventilation) 41 PUBLICATION
BE-CO-DS-2017-222-LD BE Software Engineer 49 PUBLICATION
TE-VSC-ICM-2017-223-LD TE Industrial Control Technician 51 PRE-SCREENING
EP-ESE-ME-2017-226-LD EP Electronics Engineer or Applied Physicist (ASIC design) 38 PRE-SCREENING
IT-CDA-AD-2017-227-LD IT Computing Engineer (Applications & Devices) 48 PRE-SCREENING
IT-CDA-DR-2017-229-LD IT Software Engineer (Web Applications) 52 PRE-SCREENING
BE-BI-2017-228-LD BE Electronics Technician / Technicien(ne) en électronique 74 PUBLICATION
HSE-FB-SCR-2017-230-LD HSE Emergency call taker/dispatcher 46 PRE-SCREENING
HSE-FB-TEC-2017-231-LD HSE Professional Firefighter in the Technological Risks section 52 PUBLICATION
EP-ESE-FE-2017-221-LD EP Electronics Technician 31 PUBLICATION
TH-SP-2017-232-LD TH Theoretical Physicist 8 PUBLICATION
IT-DB-DBR-2017-235-LD IT Computing Engineer 70 PRE-SCREENING
BE-CO-HT-2017-237-LD BE HDL Developer 41 PUBLICATION
TE-MSC-MDT-2017-236-LD TE Mechanical Technician - Technicien en mécanique 33 PUBLICATION
HSE-FB-ALS-2017-238-LD HSE Firefighter (Advanced Life Support) 68 PUBLICATION
EP-CMX-EI-2017-239-LD EP Mechanical Engineer 165 PUBLICATION
EP-CMG-CO-2017-240-LD EP Computing Engineer 88 PUBLICATION
TE-CRG-ML-2017-171-LD TE Maintenance Management Analyst 34